Thursday, 30 April 2009

I thought that I should attempt to appeal to the younger generation. So I chose this new hit drama named ''Heroes''. I had doubts about it as no one looks over the age of forty and none of them wear a suit, monocle or Top hat! But anyway from the knowledge that the good people down at ol' Wikipedia share with the world, I was able to discover a few facts about the show.

Heroes is an American Scifi Drama series, created by a certain Tim kring. It first premiered in the USA on NBC on September 25, 2006. It now shows on BBC 2 in the UK. At this time it has a total of 59 Episodes and is currently on its third season in the UK and fourth in the USA.

The general concept of the show seems completely preposterous and needs more Tea brewing activity! But never mind that, it still warms my heart to see the concept of Super heroes back in action!

Friday, 24 April 2009

Mr. Monocle's Tea Time, official opening!

Hello everybody! it is I, Mr. Monocle, the poshest man of Tealand. I come from a place called Tealand and studied in the school of posh scholars for tea brewing. This people from Tealand are given a monocle at the age of eight, that they keep safe and look after for the rest of their lives. Mine however has undergone a lot of hideous sights and scratches, but it has persevered!

My interests are, Photography, Media studies, Geography and Television dramas! (Of which I made this blog in the first place.) I don't actually watch or enjoy those scummy programmes, but am forced to by my Evil media teacher!

But I digress.

I prefer reading novels and studying the quantum mass of a star. But Television dramas work too! So enjoy the links and posts I add to my website, as they may help you with your own!